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Lindsey Golubski. - Overland Park. Kansas
3 Questions for Your DJ...
Yes, it’s only a cup of coffee, but think about what it takes for that simple cup to reach your car’s cupholder?  Plant to bean, bean to bag, bag to boat, insert one long wavy journey and VIOLA, you still have to roast it, grind it and add hot water.  The point is, there’s a lot of steps and only the best at making it will do. Take a minute, or two, and let’s talk about your event over a cup…    
"We Love Marc! He came out prior to the wedding to walk through our venue with us.  Marc also met with us and went over the whole reception and how it was going to be organized and then organized his part around the reception.  Marc helped us create the perfect reception"
The Perfect Reception
Check Your Date
Picking your DJ is the most important decision you will make for your reception. Think about it… DJs come in all kinds of shapes and sizes.  Take a few minutes
Dates are limited, is your date available? 
and ask these three questions to every DJ that you are considering.  If they answer correctly, you’re probably in good hands.
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Dates are limited, is your date available? 
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Jenna & Spencer A. June 2014
913-685-9139 913-980-7010 Marc@MarcOLeary.com
Office Address:
"Marc, first off, thank you so much for making our wedding reception at the Overland Park Sheraton so memorable. We had such a great time. So many people complimented us on our reception and thought you were the best DJ they had ever heard. You did such an amazing job and really made everyone feel a part of everything. We couldn't have asked for a better reception! Thank you for all your hard work and making it the most special event of our lives!!”
Typical office hours include most weekdays between 9am and 6pm.   To setup an initial meeting or a planning session, please use any of the contact numbers/methods below.   
“Wow, Just Wow!"
“Photo Ops"
Jason D. KC Photog. October 2014
“Grand Entrance"
We LOVE-LOVE-LOVE the custom grand entrance you created for us.  From beginning to the very end, we were 100% in love with your performance and music selection.  
“Music Nightmare"
Mariah L. March 2015
Bart & Stacy B. December 2014
Just a note to thank you for doing such a great job for our client’s Wedding this past Saturday at the Baltimore Club. It is always a pleasure to be on a bride’s wedding team with you. Thank you so much!
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We have been to more weddings than you can imagine.  Your MC skills, poise, and demeanor were perfect.  The wedding was three months ago and we are still getting compliments on how good you were.  1,000 Thank yous!
Kim Ho - You’re Invited Weddings
Client Testimonials
“Wedding Team"
Thanks again for everything!  You made the night so fun and your help with keeping things running smoothly was a godsend, you can’t imagine.  You took all of my worries away.  I am so glad I found you.
Laura S. June 2014
Marc O’Leary is the best DJ ever! I had so much fun dancing! He really engaged the crowd. Marc’s planning and attention to detail kept us on track and made the entire night perfect.
We knew going in that trying to keep 450 people happy wouldn’t be easy.  You did it!  All we can say is Wow, Just Wow! Keep up the great work.
Cindy E. November 2014
Aaron & Shanna C. October 2014
Marc - When we first met we handed you our list of music.  We knew it must have been a music nightmare for you to create a great playlist.  You did it with style and grace.  Anytime you need a reference, Have them call me.
You always know exactly what to do and when to do it to give me the best Photo Ops I need for the best shots.  I’m at a wedding every weekend and I think you’re one of the best DJs in the KC area.
Kyle & Ashley February 2015
“Awesome Job, Marc you did everything possible to make our daughters day perfect.  There were so many compliments given we couldn’t keep up with them..  Outstanding!”
Billy Yarick - September 2014 Mother of The Bride
On the most important day of your life, it's not good enough to have just a Disc Jockey. You need an entertainer. My style of entertainment traverses all music genre and events. I have a knack for providing the right music at the right time. I am dedicated to providing you with everything needed for a perfect event. I focus strictly on quality, not quantity.  Three reasons why you should choose Marc O'Leary for your Wedding Reception 1. With 20 years of wedding entertainment experience, I guarantee the exact amount of coordination, professionalism and entertainment needed for your event 2. I will meet with you personally 4 to 6 weeks prior to your reception to assist you in the selection of music and the order of events. I also provide you with an easy to use Wedding Organizer to assist in the planning of your event 3. I arrive early and stay late. I understand that everything has to be perfect for your special day. I match my digital sound system to each venue's acoustics as well as provide backup equipment, just in case
Let’s take a half an hour and talk through your dream event.  I can easily say that you’ll leave with a handful of neat ideas that you will love...     
"Marc did a wonderful job of playing the music we wanted to hear, he also had a big hand in keeping everything on schedule. He did a great job of judging the mood of the crowd and playing the music to match it. He was a pleasure to work with and help to make our special day very memorable.”
Let’s Chat?  Click Here to email me and request your own consultation!
Brent  R. September 2014
It’s a HUGE list.  Typically, once my clients reach me they are well on their way in the planing process.  It can seem insurmountable, but it’s not.  You can even enjoy the planning process with the right partners.  My approach to your event is always fresh and creative.  If you can dream the moment, I can help you create it.  We typically start during our initial meeting and finish up somewhere around six weeks prior to your event.  We draw from my 20 years experience with over a thousand brides, grooms venues and everything else you can think of.       
Ron Ruth Weddings (816) 224-4487 Only the best (when I’m not around) I’m proud to say that Ron is a spectacular Entertainer and will stop at nothing to deliver a perfect event
Photo Booth
You’re Invited (913) 208-5387 Kim & Staff were born to plan weddings. Everything's in it's place and perfect. They come up with some of the most spectacular ideas ever
Paul Versluis Photography (913) 897-1400 Breathtaking images that are as fun as they are creative. Paul is a true professional and most likely the best photographers in the metro area
KC Weddings Venues  One Won’t do.  Try this resource for the most comprehensive listing of cool venues that are sure to be just what you are looking for.
Want to be on my A-Team?  Click Here to fill out the 117 page application and setup a time to audition!
Olive Media Whether you are looking for film noir or a hollywood blockbuster, Jake & Jordan can deliver a work of art. Relive your wedding over and over again
Flash Photo Booth KC (913) 735-6742 Best money ever spent at a wedding,  You’ll laugh, cry and do cartwheels when Cliff present you with the final album from your wedding reception.
My Top Picks for your special day.  Don’t see something you need?  Call me to chat about who’s the best at what they do.
Flowers & Decor
Wedding Cake
Craig Sole Designs (913) 649-9299 Give Craig a few hours and a field of pretty green things and he can create a masterpiece. There's truly no comparison
Other DJ’s, Yep!
Take The Cake (913) 345-2588 The sweetest decision you’ll ever make for your wedding day.  Take The Cake will not only amaze your sights, but excite your taste buds
Brittany L. June 2013
OK, let’s geek out for a minute.  Reception sound can be a tricky business.  When it sounds bad, it really detracts from the enjoyment of your event.  No matter which venue you choose, you’ll need a DJ that has the expertise and equipment necessary to overcome a hugh variety of obstacles.  Tall ceilings, multiple rooms and tight spaces are only the start.  By choosing BOSE™ Sound Technology as my primary systems, I can overcome many LIVE issues most DJs can’t.  These systems allow me to place speakers wirelessly in multiple rooms, they give me the power to turn the volume up when the party gets started, but also help me keep the music at a level where everyone can enjoy their conversations during dinner, even the guest right next to the speakers.       
"Marc was fantastic, he was the first DJ we met with and we didn't even bother meeting with anyone else. His personality, his professionalism and his attention to detail was fantastic. He really made the reception the fun time that it was, he's great to work with, responds quickly, is flexible and pays attention to what you say and what you'd like done, he was great, we are so glad we chose to go with him.”
BOSE™ Sound
BOSE™ is only the tip if the SOUND iceberg.  To continue “geeking out” I also utilized computer controlled equalization equipment that allows me to save your venue’s profile for each performance. Toaster’s (not the kitchen appliance) can also be problematic.  To overcome "that toast that’s sounds weird or has feedback", we only use high quality German made Sennheiser wireless microphones.   All in all, we employ only the best sounding, most reliable equipment for your reception.   That’s the sound of me taking off my "propeller hat” now.  I’ll put it back on when I setup for your reception.     
Yes, It’s a stretch to compare your wedding reception to the production of coffee.  I’m also pretty sure that you expected photos of dancing wedding goers and turntables too.  After all, that’s what all the other DJ's websites look like, right?  That’s my point.  My services are unlike any DJs you may have seen thus far.  Yes, music is a BIG part of what I do, but music goes hand-in-hand with every other aspect of creating the perfect wedding 
reception for you.  As you are sort through your options for wedding entertainment, it’s important to note that all wedding entertainers do “the same things” for our couples. We all play music. We all make announcements. We all introduce the Bride & Groom. We do our best to get your guests on the dance floor. But how we do those things and the results we are able to create for our couples can vary dramatically from one entertainment service to another. The key is finding someone who will exceed your expectations instead of finding a DJ who will only be average.
LeAnne W. July 2014
I promise to deliver. To create dramatically different results and exceed your expectations.  I promise to work with you to create an timeline for your celebration that will be smooth-flowing and entertaining.   I promise to listen to your ideas and work with you to turn it into a reality. I promise to do everything I can to give you, your friends and family an incredible wedding reception.
I Promise
Let’s Brew
"My husband and I were married about two months ago in a small town outside of Kansas City. Wedding planning was extremely difficult and stressful due to our short engagement and living circumstances. We live in Africa, so planning a wedding in Kansas wasn't easy. Marc was one of the first and best decisions we made during the planning process. He helped relieve the stress and pressure of planning a reception by getting to know us and offering suggestions to help us get a good feel of how we wanted our night to go. Marc exceeded our expectations of a DJ/Entertainer.”
“Do You Take Requests?"
"We just can't thank you enough for the great job that you did at our wedding. We received your postcard, but just didn't have enough room on it to express our appreciation. It just wouldn't have been the same without you there. To us there is no such thing as a rate of 10 with you - you were 150. We'll be more than glad to tell people how wonderful you were. In fact it would be our pleasure! There just aren't enough words to express to you our appreciation. Thank you so much!”
Want to learn 7 more things to ASK your DJ, Give me a call and let’s chat about them…  (913) 685-9139 
A YES answer is not always bad. The fact is that most DJ’s can entertain at a variety of events. It’s my experience that wedding receptions have their own heart and soul.  Specializing in JUST wedding events has given me a unique perspective on why things happen and when they should happen.  Experience is the most important trait you can find.  A well seasoned DJ can help you navigate pitfalls you may encounter along your path.
Natalie Neuenswander August 2014
Here’s a biggee!  We all want our guests to be entertained.  I’ll be the first one to admit that, between both of us, we probably know what’s best for your guests.  While requests are given consideration, rest assured that you won’t hear anything at your event that you were not prepared for.
“Do You Do Proms?"
Do you even have to ask? YES. Many DJs are hard working, creative and have great intentions. Others are just generally interested in the number of “events” they can book at a time. The best question to ask is “Will YOU be MY DJ at my event?”  
“Is It Really You?"
7 More?
3 Questions for Your DJ
Yes, it’s only a cup of coffee, but think about what it takes for that simple cup to reach your car’s cup holder?  Plant to bean, bean to bag, bag to boat, insert one long wavy journey and VIOLA, you still have to roast it, grind it and add hot water.  The point is, there’s a lot of steps and only the best at making it will do. Take a minute, or two, and let’s talk about your event over a cup…    
It’s my belief that your wedding reception is your gift to those who supported you during your courtship. Giving them a fantastic party is just your way of saying “Thank You" - or - This is how we’re gonna roll, get used to it. 
Give Them a Fantastic Party
Top Ten Venues
You can taste the cake, see your photographer’s past images, you can step into your venue, but you just can’t experience your DJ.  Think about it, the most important decision you will make, is about a vendor that you have to trust.  Don’t take my word for it, ask around.  The TOP 10 venues in Kansas City refer their clients to me…  
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Did I mention that I’m an ON-AIR Food Host for QVC?  Over 100 Appearances in the last two years.
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